District league fun will be missed

There is a saying that says time
flies when you’re having fun.

Participants in the ongoing
district sports leagues certainly feel that is true as the competitions near
their conclusion.

Tomorrow evening is one of the last
two chances residents can take to observe the indoor volleyball leagues happening
in West Bay
and East End.

Both leagues have enjoyed stellar
turnout from locals since January and have seen both the young and young at
heart come out for a night of family fun and positive activity.

In West Bay
the finals for both the youth and adult leagues are slated to take place from
6:30pm at the John A Cumber primary school hall.

The top teams in the youth leagues
have been the Warriors (who had 10 points atop its division last week) and the
Incredibles (who were right behind with eight points).

A three-team log-jam characterized
the adult league with squads Future SC, West Bay Spikers and Scholars SC all
tied at eight points apiece.

Over in East
End the action starts off at the same time at the East End Civic

Among the teams that have stood out
in the district’s youth league are the Sharks and TopNotch.

The clubs faced off last weekend
with the Sharks winning in straight sets 22-20 and 21-13.

In the adult section Team OJ and “Here2Stay”
have come on strong of late. Last weekend the sides had impressive victories.

Team OJ took down the Terminators
in straight sets 21-15 and 21-12. Here2Stay pulled out an upset of sorts in
taking out the EE Guns (with national team players like Curtis Richards and
Keeble Knight) in three sets: 9-21, 21-12 and 15-12.

After tomorrow’s matches next
Saturday sees two special matches featuring select teams from the districts.
The West Bay
and East End all stars face off at 7pm in East End.

An awards ceremony for the East End league is slated for March 20. It’s not clear
when the West Bay ceremony will be held.

Once the volleyball leagues wrap up
the plan is for the sport of badminton to get going in both districts. Both volleyball
leagues are run by the West
Bay and East End Sports
Committees. The Department of Sports helped established both groups.

For the East
End group, which falls under the East End Youth Committee, it has
been an especially busy time. A youth swim program has taken place at the same

However as East
End community development officer Delmira Bodden states the
constant activity has been good for the district youth.

“As a community officer it has been
an exciting time for both the kids and the community. It has been great seeing
it all come together. I encourage all the parents to use the initiatives the
East End Youth Committee has put together.

“I thank Collin Anglin and his
staff at the Department of Sports because they have allowed us to create a
healthy environment for the kids.

“Vernie (Watler-Harris, the chief
organizer of the East End Sports Committee) and I thank the sponsors who helped
make it all possible; namely Campbell’s
law firm, Ocean Frontiers and politician Arden McLean.”