Two men shot in West Bay

Royal Cayman Islands Police detectives are
investigating two separate shooting incidents that occurred in West Bay Thursday

Shortly after 8.00 p.m. Thursday police said a man
was on Miss Daisy Lane when he was shot in the shoulder. He was taken to Cayman
Islands Hospital where he remained overnight. His condition was not described
as life threatening.

In the second incident a man sustained slight head
injuries when he was shot in the Birch Tree Hill Road area of West Bay around
8.15 p.m – about 15 minutes after the first incident. .

He was transported to hospital by a friend and was
released after treatment.


  1. I cant believe this is the same Cayman i love. What is going on their. the government need to do something about this crime wave, before it start to affect tourism.

  2. YUP!! This is what Grand Cayman has come to!!

    Back in 2005 when we had that crime spate I wrote a letter suggesting the use of a Military Unit or Special Task Force Unit from the UK to be deployed here to do a COMPLETE clean-up of the guns and drugs here in the Cayman Islands. Unfortunately the public didnt seem to receptive of that suggestion.

    Now THIS is where we are at!! I’m sure that in the not so distant future our Govt. will need to employ a more “military-like’ approach to the obvious relentless rise in crime here.

    Perhaps I should submit that letter to the newspapers again and see what response we get.


  3. Doppler radar, four intercept boats, our long awaited chopper and a good team with a committed over-watch should help.. Protection of our border is essential.
    If the UK could clean up a mess the IRA would have been neutralized long time ago. We are a nation not just a tourist destination..

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