Dolphin Discovery gets liquor licence

Visitors to Dolphin Discovery will
soon be able to drink alcohol with their meals following the granting of a
music and dancing license and retail liquor license.

Ken Thompson will transfer the
location his retail liquor license from its current status in abeyance at
Ritz-Carlton Retail Market to the facility. Speaking on behalf of Mr. Thompson
was attorney Lynne M. Bodden.

“Dolphin Discovery has been open
around a year now and they have a very nice little restaurant and snack bar
area where they serve lots of different foods, but they get requests daily for
daiquiris and mudslides and things like that, plus the odd beer.

“It’s not going to be a bar that
people sit at, it’s merely to have food after they go to the dolphins, have
food and leave the park. It’s not going to be something that they sit at and
drink all day,” she said.


Ms Bodden explained that both
Dolphin Cove and the Turtle Farm already had liquor licenses and that the
granting of a license to the restaurant would put them on an equal footing, particularly
in the current economically-difficult times.

The restaurant, she explained, is
completely separate from the dolphin area in which no food or drink is allowed.
Patrons would be guided to the dolphins and all purchases would be required to
be consumed in the bar and restaurant area.

The music and dancing license was
required by law in order that recorded soft background music and calypso music
could be played whilst guests had their lunch.

“At the moment they don’t intend to
do any happy hours or extra hours outside the set hours of the dolphin park,
unless there is a special request for special events in which case they would
apply to the board for permission,” continued Miss Bodden.


Sometimes visitors would have their
lunch before their dolphin swim and sometimes following the experience, she explained,
depending on the tour times.

Responding to a query from the
board about the wisdom of consuming too much alcohol before swimming with
dolphins, Miss Bodden said that she had asked a similar question of her client.

“First of all, there’s not enough
time for them to have more than one drink. They would come, have their lunch
and one drink then go and see the dolphins, or go and see the dolphins and have
a maximum of two drinks afterwards.

“It’s not going to be a bar where
people just sit and consume alcohol,” she added.


Dolphin Discovery visi-tors will now be able to follow-up their experience with the dolphins with a nice cold beer or mudslide at the facility’s restaurant.
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