Pair of shootings in WB

One victim reported dead, another hurt

According to police sources, one person was shot to death at a West Bay apartment Thursday night. 

Meanwhile, in another West Bay shooting, a man was hit in the leg on Capt Joe’s and Osbert Road. He was taken to hospital. His condition was not immediately known.  

Police said the shootings happened within ten minutes of each other. 

Residents in the area of Maliwinas Way and North West Point Road reported hearing gunshots just before 7.30pm Thursday.

One woman, who lives next to where the shooting happened spoke to the Caymanian Compass on condition of anonymity, said she heard three loud bangs like a muffler coming out of a car and hitting the road.

Shortly after the woman heard the noises, a relative came around the corner of the resident’s lawn and said there had been a shooting at the apartment complex on Maliwinas Way.

Police told the Compass that one person – described as a hispanic male – had died in the shooting. A police spokesperson later confirmed the death. 

It was the third homicide to occur on Grand Cayman so far this year. All three victims have died from gunshot wounds.

Witnesses said they spotted a white vehicle leaving the Maliwinas Way scene shortly after the shots were heard.

Few details were available about the other shooting scene in West Bay. It was believed the victim’s injuries were not life-threatening. The shooting was reported to police just after 7.30pm.

Police did not state whether the two incidents were related. No arrests had been reported.

Just one week ago, two men were shot in separate incidents in West Bay also on Thursday night, 4 March.

Those two incidents were followed by an early morning shooting in George Town where several cars were fired upon and a second George Town shooting where a middle-aged woman was shot in the face in broad daylight outside a bar. 



  1. Is this really happening, has anyone actually noticed how many shootings there have been? This is ridiculous, what is going on?
    We need some people to camp out on the beach and spot those long boats that no one can detect on a radar… I mean let’s get real how the heck are these guns getting in – can’t someone do something about it. I’m too scared to drive down Eastern Avenue for goodness sake?
    Next it’ll be income tax they’ll bring in on long boats.

  2. I would like to commend the cayCompass for delivering news of ongoing crime in the Islands. I own property in Grand Cayman, live in the U.S., and previously depended on Cayman Net News for island information. To read that paper daily is to believe that crime is not a problem, as stories usually go unreported.

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