Protest march cancelled

A public demonstration against the ruling government scheduled
for Saturday afternoon has been canceled due to lack of support from
opposition party leaders.

“The PPM (People’s Progressive Movement) leadership has
decided they cannot continue to support the march because one of two primary
reasons for the march – the UDP (United Democratic Party) government’s proposal
to sell the government administration building – has been abandoned,” former
government minister and march organizer Charles Clifford said in a statement
released late Wednesday.

Mr. Clifford also said that, in the view of the PPM
leadership, the immigration policy changes made by the government “were not
significant enough” to justify the march.

The removal of political party support for the march would “prevent
us from achieving success” in the protest march, according to Mr. Clifford’s

“I am disappointed in the PPM’s position on this matter
given the significant negative impact that these immigration policy changes
will have on young Caymanians and Caymanians who are already working in these
major industries,” Mr. Clifford said.

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