Education Minister visits Junior Achievement

Eleven companies within the Junior
Achievement were recently paid a visit by Education Minister Rolston Anglin.

Mr. Anglin was visiting the
companies to witness firsthand what programmes the various group are involved

He had
an opportunity to interact with students and learn about each company and their

Junior Achievement programme is yet another programme in a long list available
to the young people of this country,” he said.

 Minister Anglin, on behalf of the Government, thanked
President Pat Randall and his team for all of their work.

He also thanked sponsoring
companies and their staff, who had given of their time and energy to be
advisors to the JA Companies.

Mr. Randal said he was proud to see
the students displaying such professionalism. “This programme not only gives
the students the tools to create a company but it helps generate team spirit,
opens the door to potential jobs or career interests and pushes the students to
think big.” 

He said
the Junior Achievement programme helps young people appreciate and better understand
the role ofbusiness.

the support of volunteer consultants from the local business community, the
Junior Achievement Company Programme provides basic economic
education for high school students,” he said.

He said that by organising and
operating an actual business enterprise, students learn how businesses function
and about the structure of the free enterprise system and the benefits it

“In this programme students
simulate a real business by setting up a company, appointing directors,
creating a marketing plan, producing a product/s, selling the goods,
liquidating the company and prepare an annual report. Hands on, practical
experience,” he added.

Junior Achievement companies are sponsored by local businesses.

For more information on the Junior
Achievement programmes, contact Tara McField at (345) 949-4306 or [email protected]


Education Minister Rolston Anglin learns the inner workings of JA Company, Tropical Impressions.
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