Police: Robbery led to killing

Two shootings in West Bay

Royal Cayman Islands Police detectives said Friday that a man who was shot dead in the stairwell of a West Bay apartment Thursday night was the victim of an apparent robbery.  

“This appears to have been a violent robbery that has tragically gone wrong,” RCIPS Superintendent Marlon Bodden said. “There’s nothing to suggest this murder was related to gang activity.” 

The victim, 29-year-old Ecuadorian national Marcos Duran, was rushed to hospital after he was shot in the head. He was pronounced dead upon arrival.

The deadly shooting was one of two incidents involving gunfire in West Bay Thursday night. Police said the two incidents did not appear to be related.  

In the other shooting, a 16-year-old male was hit in the leg on Capt Joe’s and Osbert Road. He was taken to hospital where he was recovering on Friday.

No arrests had been reported in either shooting. The two incidents happened within seven minutes of one another. 

Residents in the area of Maliwinas Way and
North West Point Road reported hearing gunshots just before 7.30pm Thursday.

One woman, who lives near to where the
shooting happened spoke to the Caymanian Compass on condition of anonymity,
said she heard three loud bangs like a muffler coming out of a car and hitting
the road.

Shortly after the woman heard the noises, a
relative came around the corner of the resident’s lawn and said there had been
a shooting at the home on Maliwinas Way.

A woman was heard screaming shortly after the

It was the third homicide to occur on Grand
Cayman so far this year. All three victims have died from gunshot wounds.

Witnesses said they spotted a white vehicle
leaving the Maliwinas Way scene shortly after the shots were heard.

Few details were available about the other
shooting scene in West Bay. The second shooting was reported at 7.33pm Thursday.

Just one week ago, two men were shot in
separate incidents in West Bay also on Thursday night, 4 March.

Those two incidents were followed by an early
morning shooting in George Town where several cars were fired upon and a second
George Town shooting where a middle-aged woman was shot in the face in broad
daylight outside a bar. 




Police officers respond to the scene of Thursday night’s killing in West Bay.
Brent Fuller


  1. It seems ironic to me that the majority of the gun violence occurs in the district of West Bay the home of the Premier!!! There is so much wrong with this country and all he seems to be capable of doing is wasting time blaming people for having gotten to this state. If he and the rest of his party would try to use the experience of the PPM to try to arrive at solutions we might actually get somewhere.

    I cannot to begin to address all that needs to be fixed, but it seems to me at this time that the RCIPS needs to immediately begin to train and arm its officers. Obviously this “community policing” concept is not working. Lets assume that there was an RCIPS vehicle near to the shooting scene last night that might have responded soon enough to confront the suspects. What are they to do without weapons to defend themselves?????? It would appear that Mac is actually afraid to make and implement any actions that might actually benefit this country. He announces grand plans only to “knee jerk” a 1180 degree reversal a few days later. I have to wonder who it is that actually has their hand up the back of this puppet called our Premier. It is obvious to everyone that he has no backbone and certainly is not educated enough to run a government so I only hope that the people that “made their X for him” are happy with the way that their community of West Bay is becoming like a “Little Kingston”!

    If McKeeva had any sense he would resign and let someone with sense take over the reigns, but he obviously is too in love with the salary and travel perks that come with the job.

    And by the way, someone had better start planning for an expansion of Northward or start looking for more room for cemetary plots because someone is going to win this battle and it doesnt look like it is going to be those of us on the side of the law!!

  2. How long will it be before all of the travel websites and magazines recommend a new vacation spot? If I am a idiot with a gun, I might think twice before using it if the fear of an assault rifle is in my face by the RCIP.

  3. When guns are outlawed, the outlaws will have the guns. I’m shocked at the amount of violence and killings in the Cayman Islands. How long will it be before tourism takes a hit and people perceive a danger and will not vacation there? Bring back the gallows and in public if necessary to show criminals who commit such crimes that crime doesn’t really pay in the end.

  4. My daughter, from the US has lived and worked on the island for 1 and 1/2 years. I loved to visit and had planned to come in August, however, my plans have now changed. She needs to leave and leave NOW! It has become far too dangerous for her to stay or for me to visit. It appears the violence is totally out of control. I would never recommend anyone to vacation there. How sad it has become.

  5. There is no one person, District or party to blame for the violence. We are all to blame for not making our elected officials accountable. The PPM was at the helm same as the UDP. They were so busy making conditions ideal for money making business, they took their eyes off the prize, our social fabric. But then, if we were to believe the old adage; That it takes a village to raise a child, one may have reason to point.

  6. Cayman Islands is not the same or should I said, Grand Cayman is not the same. Yet, violence is getting worst day by day and now we are required to check our doors and windows at all times making sure no one is sorrounding. Extra precaution is highly recommended at this moment. Enough Cayman!!! Blaming PPM or UDP is not going to end this problem. Everyone has to be UNITED and fight against violence. Last week someone died, yesterday another and whos will be next? Ah, I always forgot to mention that Police are doing a great job,checking for your car license in every corner, perhaps no time for a real spot checks.

  7. You think the criminals should think twice before being faced with an assault rifle from the RCIP? That’s funny. I would be all for the cops having guns. But when the armed units are only a couple of officers on duty, the cops are no match for these criminals who are so bold as to walk into places, shoot them in the head, and then leave as if it was a chore on their to do list. Until they secure the borders of this island (anyone can disembark on a canoe with guns and drugs just about anywhere), arm all officers with at least a hand gun, and make a public example of a few of these criminals, it will continue and get worse. Now it’s not just affecting those in gangs. It affected a 4 year old boy, and now an innocent expat from Ecuador. This is not Great Britain, and this much smaller island should not try to function like it. This will soon be a vacation destination no more. Business’s are going to leave after a while. You think the economy is bad now? Just wait until all of this goes down. Wake up RCIP and the Cayman Islands Government!

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