Women’s therapy begins

Women in Grand Cayman can now join
a women’s drop-in group to discuss issues that matter to them.

She Knows Best – run by the
Wellness Centre – will meet every Thursday for one hour at 5.30pm in centre’s
group room from Thursday, 18 March.

The session’s facilitator, Taylor
Burrowes, is a full-time counsellor at the centre. She has a masters in counselling
from Loyola University, New Orleans and is a nationally certified counsellor
and licensed mental health therapist.

 Ms Burrowes said: “Too many times women will
talk about what’s expected of them, what they think they should do or must do.
But what is it that they really want to do for themselves?

group is a place for women to do just that…  [It] is designed especially for the women in
our community to share… [in a] safe, positive, professional, and supportive

She Knows Best was created to
empower women, connect women, and challenge [them] to think about their
lives… in new and invigorating ways.”

facilitator said the group would provide a confidential forum to share
thoughts, questions, struggles, and successes concerning all topics of life
including relationships, work, family, children and self-confidence.

the group setting with the guidance of a professional counsellor to help guide
you through the ups and downs of life will hopefully provide an enriching… experience
for each participant.

discussions that may become too difficult to discuss in the group will be
encouraged in individual counselling,” she said.

 “Taking the time to focus on our personal and
professional development should be the top priority, but most of the time we
settle for mediocrity or stay busy taking care of everyone else.”

According to the counsellor, the
group will be ideal for Caymanian women who, because of the Islands’, size
worry about confidentiality issues and expats who have found it hard to
maintain a network of close friendships due to the transient nature of Cayman.

women don’t start thinking of themselves too, their lives will continue to be
about sacrifice and not their own self-actualisation, the goal of personal
development,” she said.

Designed to be a welcoming forum
for women of all circumstances and ages, each session costs $25 and the group
can accommodate up to 10 women. If larger numbers attend, participants will be divided
into two or more groups so that each group is small enough to encourage discussion
and allow the facilitator to keep track of progress.

The group will initially be led in
a topic by Ms Burrowes with each attendee having input if they want. “It’s
important to check in with everyone and to have an idea about their goals and
what they are struggling with,” said Ms Burrowes.

Attendees are asked to register by
telephone and to write down the subjects they are interested in discussing in
the forum.

further information, call 949-9355.

The Wellness Centre, Unit
D-5 Cayman Business Park, is a privately owned counselling and consultation
organisation. Its professionally accredited therapists cover a range of
counselling services for individuals, families, groups and corporations.