WestStar HD line-up grows

WestStar has now added Versus and
The Golf Channel to their high definition line-up.

According to the company, VersusHD
offers exclusive sporting events that fans can’t find anywhere else.

It is the destination cable
destination network for sports fans and offers a variety of programming from
The Tour de France to Indycar, as well as College Football and Davis Cup

Subscribers will also be able to
catch future NBA stars on the NBA D-league.

In addition, viewers will also enjoy
a wide range of field sports programming including Escape to the Wild and
O’Neill Outside, as well a plus enterprise shows such as the Daily Line and
Sports Soup.

The Golf Channel HD launched just
over a year ago and since then has provided high definition coverage of over
100 major tournaments including The Champions Tour, and LPGA Tour. HD programming
is further enhanced by features like Putting Line powered by AimPoint graphics
which shows where a golfer should putt from, the track of the ball and the
needed speed of the ball.

The popular network also offers
more than 125 hours of golf news in HD including Inside the PGA and golf
reality TV such as the Haney Project, Being John Daly and Big Break.

With the addition of VersusHD on
channel 323 and the Golf ChannelHD on channel 322, WestStar now offers 14
channels in high definition including TSNHD and SpeedHD.

To subscribe to WestStar HD call