Public nudity at bars investigated

Officials are investigating two
separate incidents of public nudity involving females at liquor licensed
premises on Cayman.

Grand Cayman Liquor Licensing Board
Chairman Mitchell Welds said that he had received reports on the phone from two
members of the public who had raised concerns regarding nudity at two different

Mr. Welds did not identify those

“This type of behaviour will not be
permitted at liquor licensed premises. The prosperity of these Islands is a result of our strong Christian heritage.

“This conduct in my opinion will
diminish our moral values and will corrupt our people. It will also have
tremendous impact on the lives of our young people. This will not be tolerated
by the Liquor Licensing Board,” said Mr. Welds.


Liquor inspector Ernesto Carter is
currently following up on the reports and as yet has not verified them. Mr.
Welds said that the establishments would remain unnamed until further facts
could be established. He noted that people were reluctant to put such reports
in writing due to the small size of Cayman where “everybody knows everybody”.

In order for the board to revoke a
liquor license as a result of a breach of the licensing law, two criminal convictions
of the licensee in a court of law are necessary. However, Mr. Welds said if
there is a breach of the music and dancing law a suspension could be considered.

The board has previously put establishments
on probation where an establishment is watched closely, with a license review
at the following quarterly meeting of the Liquor Licensing Board.

In the past this has been effective
in terms of keeping people “on their best behaviour,” Mr. Welds said.


Section 25.3 of the Liquor
Licensing Law (2000 revision) states that ‘no licensee shall permit
drunkenness, gambling, disorderly or riotous behaviour or blasphemous or
obscene language on the licensed premises.’

The individual behaving in this
manner is also guilty of an offence.

Section 5.14 of the Liquor
Licensing Law also states that the board also has the authority to deal with
incidents for which there is no precedent.

“Where no procedure is laid down by
this Law, a Board may regulate its own procedure,” it reads.

Mr. Welds explained that meant that
the board could adopt or set certain procedures for establishments, such as
introducing a regulation banning lewd dancing in premises for example.


    God will kill kittens because of this!

    Wonder if this bar has wifi. What happens when someone brings a laptop at said bar, types in “”

    WHoa, nudity on a laptop. Is that the same thing?

  2. Have you heard about the robberies and murders going on, on the island? We were born naked.
    Its time this island, that is being taken over by gangs and gun men realize they are already heading down the same road as Jamaica.
    I dont see any Christianity on this island except when you all are in church. then church is over and the hipocrites are back on the road.
    Wake up and smell the roses… there are far worse things going on here in Cayman. I hope England brings in the Army and everybody goes under house curfew. Then things will straighten up. How can a small island of 50,000 ppl be so out of control.
    And that poor child that was murdered a few weeks ago, I wish I could see that on Nancy Grace CNN, just so the world can see how this island is going. If the tourists stop coming, we caymanians will only have ourselves to blame.

  3. Are you kidding me? People are murdered every other week. Armed robberies are occuring nearly every day. And the liquor inspector is going to waste Cayman dollars to investigate nudity as reported by some puritanical zeolot? A few exposed breasts are enough to “diminish our moral values and will corrupt our people”? Wow, now that’s impressive. Impressively embarrassing.

  4. I cannot believe the liquor Inspector said that we are a Christian community! Are you kidding me? Someone tell me this has got to be a joke? I’m totally against nudity too, but for crying out loud people we are not as one people…we are all so divided it’s a crying shame. I went to Church many times and all you could hear is the gossip hotline going everywhere. Instead of listening to the preacher talk about the word of God, they were busy talking about what that person got on? When Church was over all you could hear them talking about what number just played? It’s shocking but very true and it’s still going on too. So Mr. Inspector you are so wrong,so lets bring on the full monty and the Coyote gals and lets party!

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