Ron’s Rant

Tiger subdued

The fact that Tiger Woods is
returning to golf so soon after that momentous – and excruciating – weird
public apology a month ago, is no surprise.

He must be fed up of all the
criticism received in those 13 minutes in attempting to clean his slate, albeit
in an ill-designed shirt.

Tiger’s PR people must have
convinced him it was the right thing to do. I didn’t think so and still don’t.

Yes, he behaved badly behind wife
Elin’s back and shattered his carefully crafted public persona as a wholesome
family man and lost millions in endorsements along the way, but to make such a
painful apology was not necessary.

The punishment does not fit the
crime. Hope he is mentally prepared for his return at the Masters because it
will be tough. Tougher still though at smaller tournaments when heckling will
be the new sport on the fairways.

One thing for sure is that aura of
invincibility is gone forever. It wasn’t just his raw ability and competitive
spirit that intimidated opponents, but the aloofness and air of superiority for
having what appeared to be a perfect billionaire’s lifestyle.

That, we now know, was a carefully
constructed facade that started eroding last Thanksgiving Day when he crashed
his SUV and by the style of his shirt at last appearance may not have bottom
out yet.