Killa looks for new foe

Charles ‘The Killa’ Whittaker is
looking forward to his big fight in a couple of months but is still not sure
who he will share the ring with.

He was supposed to face

Antonio Avendano at the Lion Centre on 8 May but a deal could not be made.  

Whittaker, 36, has a record of
35-12-2 including 23 knockouts. He said: “Unfortunately, we won’t be able to go
as planned with Avendano but I will be fighting by the end of May.

“The fact that my trainer Norman
Wilson is here augurs well. I’m in good shape, been doing my training all ready
for the day. He likes my progress and when we know there’s a definite date we
can start sparring.”

Whittaker usually goes to the
Philippines where Wilson lives, a gruelling journey that takes four or five
planes. “At least in the Philippines I don’t have distractions like here,”
Killa said. “But still, to have him here is a blessing and be able to work with
him on a daily basis.”