Anglin has a new sparring mate

There are now twice as many boxing
coaches at the new gym than any time in the recent past. The grand total of
two, in fact.

Norman Wilson, vastly experienced
American trainer of Charles ‘The Killa’ Whittaker, is helping out coach Donie
Anglin for the next few months.

Anglin has been soldiering on
despite lack of resources and physical help for years – until now. The new gym
is huge, well equipped and for once, properly staffed.

Wilson is here principally to train
Whittaker for his big fight in May and also to ensure Anglin can cope with the
influx since the D Dalmain Ebanks Boxing Gymnasium opened fully just before
Christmas at the Truman Bodden Sports Complex.

Being so close to a number of
schools on Walkers Road, it is perfectly placed to draw future champs.

Whittaker is keen to help out the
kids himself and was in the corner of some boxers at the amateur show two weeks

“I’m enjoying coaching the kids,
fantastic,” Wilson said. “And the kids are loving it too. Coaching kids is my
speciality. I used to be a school teacher and a swimming coach, head of the
swimming department.

“I still go out to schools now and
give them guidance in their weakest areas. Boxing has played a great role in my
life in working with kids.

“In the United States I worked with
foster kids and under-privileged ones. These kids here come every day after
school and are so keen. I hope everything falls into place for me here and if
it does you’ll see a lot more kids than you do today.

“Cayman has a lot of genuine talent
and I ask those kids to come later, to the 5.30pm class and work with the more
advanced kids, like Dariel Ebanks, Kendall Ebanks and Jason Parchment, who want
to get to the Olympics.”

Coach Anglin said: “I’ve never had
that sort of luxury, having another coach to help out. Before I used to go on
for hours with little rest. But Norman being here makes it great for me.

“He knows what he’s doing and has a
great sense of humour. He really knows how to train.”

A few years back, post Hurricane
Ivan, a group of young women started training with Anglin to help relieve the
stress and to learn to cope with aggressive boyfriends. They drifted away but
now there are a number of younger girls keen to take up the sweet science.

Cayman’s worrying increase in crime
rate is an incentive and also boxing now has a broader appeal.

With women being allowed to box at
the London Olympics in two years’ time, the sport is set to flourish. Who
knows, the next Laila Ali could be working out with Anglin right now!

When the Bahamas boxing team came
recently their coaches asked that Cayman bring some female fighters to face
their increasing numbers if Anglin takes a team over during the Easter weekend.

The positive effect of the new gym
is already showing. Anglin added: “Some parents have said that they can see
changes in their kids, their whole attitude.

“I tell that boxing is the sort of
sport where you have to be disciplined. Even if you just spar you can’t afford
to get angry. You need to keep that cool attitude.

“Now they’re more confident and
their self-esteem has risen.”