Shooting stars showcase promises thrills and spills

Local netball is adding some glitz this

Saturday marks the all-star weekend
for the sport. An all-star game and shooting competition will take place from
6pm at the netball courts of Truman Bodden Sports Complex.

Put on in conjunction with the
Department of Sports Saturday’s all-star night is the first in national league

The All-star match will feature the
top two players from division one and two teams in the Cayman Islands Netball
Association national women’s league including two players from Cayman Brac.

At 7pm the blue kits of the East
(coached by Sophia Foster) will clash with the red uniforms of the West
(coached by Molly-Ann Moore and Orvin Palacio).

Starring for the East team will be Stacy
Reid of the Bodden Town Eclipzers, Hannah Peralta of Rising Stars Money Gram,
Nicole Pringle of Roma, Marcia Robinson of Bodden Town Eclipzers, Wendy Fisher
of Rising Stars World Gym, Jenika McLaughlin of Cayman National Bank All Stars,
Catherine Anderson of Rawlinson and Hunter, Denicia Cranston of Maples and
Calder, Rosemarie Wilson of Rising Stars World Gym and Sharissa McLaughlin of Cayman

Meanwhile the West will be anchored
by Kristina Watler of Cayman National Bank All Stars, Pauline Bodden of Butler
Properties All Stars, Mya Dunkley of Cayman Brac, Renee Thompson of Maples and
Calder, Carrie Bennett of Roma, Cynthia Collington of Butler Properties All
Stars, Elaine Broomfield of Unity, Shanai Allen of Rising Stars Money Gram, Zanya
Smith of Unity and Keisha Anglin of Rawlinson and Hunter.

The shooting competition will showcase
the top three shooters from teams in the U16 and U18 leagues plus from division
one and two senior teams.

Radio Cayman is expected to
broadcast the all-star game live at 7pm and a concession area will be fully

For more information, please
e-mail [email protected]