Norway’s runaway train investigated

A train has crashed in Norway,
killing three people and seriously injuring four others.

Several railway cars broke loose
and sped out of control towards the port in Oslo, the capital. Witnesses said
they travelled at 62mph.

They derailed and smashed into a
building, bringing part of it crashing down, killing and injuring some of those
working nearby, police said.

Some of the 16 wagons, with no
locomotive, then fell into a fjord.

Vegar Halveg, who works at the port
in the Sjursoeya district, said he heard a loud screech and saw several empty
cargo wagons speeding past.

“They were going much faster
than they usually do, so we realised something was wrong,” he told the
Associated Press news agency.

“The last car was practically

Police and emergency workers are at
the scene, along with coast guard helicopters and divers.

The Norwegian National Rail
Administration said the wagons had come loose at the Alnabru cargo terminal,
several miles away, and rolled to the port.


An aerial view of the scene after a freight train crashed into a building in an industrial area of Oslo, Norway, Wednesday
Photo: Monster & Critic