Brac’s proud of Conolly

Being a physical education teacher
at Cayman Brac High School, Ventisha Conolly knows all about the discipline and
benefits of sport.

The 29-year-old is a sporting
dynamo in Cayman Brac. She has been involved in several sports including
netball, volleyball, swimming, football and track and field.

“Sport has taught me that I can
achieve anything and that the discipline you learn from playing should be
transferred to every aspect of your life as it will take you far,” Conolly said.

“The same discipline I use with
sports helped me to take leadership roles in my community that I would not have
dreamt of 10 years ago.

“It has also shown me that there is
always another higher level that I need to achieve and that with hard work and
discipline, I can keep climbing.”

Conolly is among several women that
the Cayman Islands Sports Department is recognising for their achievement
during Honouring Women Month.

“Ventisha is a role model to the
people of Cayman Brac and our islands,” said Merta Day, Women’s Coordinator in
the Sports Department.

“While she has a competitive
spirit, she always puts her teammates first. She has many attributes of a good
athlete, hence our reason for highlighting her.”

Over the years, Conolly’s sporting
prowess has earned her many awards. She won the most recent in 2007 as outstanding
female player in the Cayman Brac Power and Light Men’s Football League.

“While it feels great to win
medals, they are not my sole reason for competing. I met many of my current
friends and college friends while competing in sports and those friendships
have endured to today. Those were and are the best medals to me,” she said.

As a physical education teacher, it
is par for the course for Conolly to encourage children to participate in
sports and to explain to them its benefits.

“It keeps them healthy and gives
their minds something to do other than being idle and getting into trouble. I
encourage them to make sports a family activity.

“I love all sports and love to get
kids involved because I know what sports can do to change a person’s life. Right
now my goal for Cayman Brac is to get more girls involved and to basically keep
sports alive on the island.”

Citing Cydonie Mothersill among her
sports heroines, Conolly added: “I wanted to be like her – a Caymanian athlete
who is known worldwide – but getting to know more women in sports, I applaud
them all.

 “I admire the fact that they did what made
them feel good about themselves and did not mind challenging the norm and being
pioneers of the different sports that we now have in the Cayman Islands.”

Conolly feels great to be selected
by the Sports Department to be highlighted for Honouring Women Month. “It
humbles me to think that I have done something worth honouring.”