Mepco bid to rise against Islanders

The national roller hockey season
is near its half-way point and already the defending champs are in trouble.

Coming into this week the MEPCO
High Rollers are just third in the standings of the WestTel Adult Roller Hockey

MEPCO is just 2-2 on the year after
losses to the Budget Beavers (8-7 two weeks ago) and the CDMS Islanders (9-8 in
week two).

The High Rollers won last year’s
season outright by winning the regular season crown and the Cherry Cup final.
With week five of the 10-week season already here MEPCO has a small window to
orchestrate a rally.

On Tuesday the squad hopes to move
forward and exact their revenge against the Islanders at 8pm on the WestTel

CDMS are coming off a demoralising
7-6 loss to Budget (their second to the Beavers this season). The Islanders
were in control most of the game but a furious comeback in the second half
vaulted unbeaten Budget to victory.

The Islanders had plenty of
positives in the game though. Pete Holowchuk continued his impressive form in
the sport with four goals and one assists. Holowchuk continues to score well as
he already has 13 points.

Rob Brooks had a goal as did
newcomer Ben Rivard, who has quickly become a sensation with a team-high seven
goals and an assist so far. Both should make a big difference in the outcome of
Tuesday’s game. Back in week two the pair combined for four goals and two
assists against the High Rollers.

For MEPCO the bright spots were
captain Darryl Hather (three assists and a goal) and Eric Mildenberger (four
goals). Both need to be in fine form once again on Tuesday.

At the same time both could use
some help from Wolfgang Brocklebank and Tim Courtis. Brocklebank, last year’s
top scorer on the team, didn’t register a point in the week two loss. Courtis,
who leads the team in assists with seven, had just a goal and an assist in the
same game.

The other game on Tuesday sees
Budget battle the Barracudas at 9pm. The squads are going in different directions
this season with Budget sitting in first at 4-0 while the Barracudas are 0-4.
The Beavers are clear favourites to win due to their statistical dominance.