Off to Jamaica to pool their talent

It is not just the track and field
athletes in action this weekend. The swimmers get their big test at the CARIFTA
Championships in Jamaica.

Kingston will see a big splash over
the Easter Weekend 3-5 April.

Head coach Dominic Ross will have
Andrea Kilam-Higgo as the assistant coach.

Ross said: “We have seen some
exceptional training recently from some of the younger swimmers such as Amber
Myrie, Geoffrey Butler, Alex McCallum, Bethany Cleaver and Coral Tomascik.

“They have really stepped up what
they are doing in the pool and we are looking forward to having them join in
with the likes of Seiji Groome and Lara Butler who have already proven
themselves in previous years.

“Lara and Seiji are at this point
the two most likely athletes to join the Fraser brothers at the  London Olympics in two years.

“They both have the potential and
commitment but still have a lot of work to do first. There are plenty of
younger swimmers who have that type of potential for the future and we are
excited about the growth we have seen recently in the beginning levels of our
Competitive Swimming programme.”

The much anticipated Olympic sized
pool is what Cayman needs for local swimmers to fulfil their potential but Ross
does not see that happening just yet.

“The Olympic sized pool is
unfortunately still on hold. There are a lot of things which have already been
put in place and when the time is right it will hopefully move ahead very

“The biggest problems are really
the financing of the project. We have a significant amount of support from all
the right people but obviously funds are a little tight for all at the moment!