A night of waurie

The National Gallery has teamed up
with the Cayman Islands Traditional Art Council to put on a night of coaching
and playing the traditional game of waurie, also known asmancala on Wednesday, 7 April.

The Gallery’s current exhibition 21st
Century Cayman, sponsored by Butterfield, has three waurie boards currently on
display, produced by the artist duo Wray Banker and Deal Ebanks. These wooden
boards were made from drift wood and breadfruit logs, one of which is
embellished with Silver Thatch Rope.

Banker and Ebanks will attend the
event to discuss the origins and techniques of this adopted game. One theory is
that the game was introduced to the Cayman Islands by Black Beard the Pirate on
one of his journeys from Africa.

For those interested in sharpening
their skills, learning this traditionally adopted game or simply looking for a
night of fun; visit the National Gallery at 6pm. 

Complimentary refreshments will be
served and participants can try their hands at winning the first prize; a gift
bag that boasts the authentically Caymanian madeSeven Fathoms Rumand

For further details, contact the
Gallery, at 945-8111 or log onto nationalgallery.org.ky
for more information.  


There is plenty of speculation about the origins of wauri.
Photo: Submitted