Civil servants criticise Miller report

Somewhat unsurprisingly, Cayman Islands civil servants have panned a recent report
that recommended major job cuts and outsourcing within the government service
as a way to balance the country’s budget.

In a statement released Thursday,
the Civil Service Association’s Management Council opined that an independent
commission led by former US bureaucrat James Miller III, UK conservative
politician David Shaw and Cayman Islands Financial Secretary Kenneth Jefferson
didn’t actually accomplish what it was supposed to.

“It is clear that their
pre-existing political and economic views coloured the report and its recommendations,”
the management council statement read.

The civil service association noted
that the report provided little in the way of recommendations for new revenue
measures – taxes and fees – that might be used by the Cayman
Islands government to get itself out of the current financial

“These practical suggestions were
what was called for when the commission was asked to ‘make recommendations…for
improving the current revenue base…for the Cayman Islands.’”

The management council argued that
the public service was being made a scapegoat for national budget problems.

In one instance, civil service
association members did agree with the independent commission’s comments that
public sector reform initiatives implemented several years ago in the Cayman Islands had not been effective.

The management council indicated
these reforms were responsible for an increase in the number of government
workers, particularly an increase in management positions. The council also
stated that the current financial system requires government to “double-bill”
itself for services rendered to different government departments.

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