Singer Norval’s dreams come true

So how was the
Easter Holiday? Nice! Nice! Well as for me. I watched the exciting CARIFTA
Games on T.V. with one eye and snoozed with the other the whole time. I think I
am over rested – Yawn! Ook! Back to work! All good things, as they say must
come to an end, or has it?! Is there any other long holiday weekend coming up
soon? I guess I will discover it on that day – nex’ month nuh? Nuh say nutten!

In the
meantime let’s check out a mad Jamaican singer who now resides in the Cayman
Islands. His name is Norval Edgehill.

As a
youngster, Norval used to sing in the Church choir at United Baptist in
Portland Jamaica. It was quickly discovered that he could sing. His father was
the choir master, so naturally, he was inducted. The young sisters in the
church would be so delighted to hear him sing that, he soon decided to test his
vocals in the secular realm and – wow. The girls went berserk.

His elder
sibling, popular Jamaican crooner, Mikey Melody was already making a name for
himself in the music circuit with hits like Mona Lisa and Miranda Ma Girl in
1985. One of Melody’s more current hits is a bomber titled My Way or the
Highway. Norval’s father paved the way, his brother set the pace and he

Norval teamed
up with another young artiste, Ricky Ticky and seasoned DJ Goofy (Here Comes
Fudgy – 1990s). They converged on school fetes and hit on all the dancehalls in
and around Maverly, St. Andrew. In 1992 he released his debut song Tek it to
Dem with Ricky Ticky. They did a re-make of the song in 2009.

By 1995 Norval
was ready and itching to find a bigger spotlight. He hit the road running with
a bomb tune called Every Tick of the Clock Main Street Recording Studio’s Heavy
Metal Rhythm. The song caught the attention of famous Jamaican singer Sanchez
who did a re-mix with DJ Goofy, orbiting the song to yet another level. Doors
began to open and the starry-eyed singer found himself time travelling to
England and Grand Cayman. It seemed all so surreal. His dreams were coming true.

Norval voiced
other songs for various producers along the way and in 2009 came out with a
slew of hits, including Down Deh with DJ Devado, which was an outcry against
the crimes and violence in the ghettoes. Both this song and another titled
Wherever You Are were released the same year on Mikey Melody’s True Friend label.
Also that same year he released Let Me Hold You Tonight, which was produced by
DJ Goody.

Most recently
the singer performed in Kitchener, Canada. There are yet many rivers to cross
but this astute artiste is bent on releasing songs of sweet longevity. For
bookings dial (345)-321-1123

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