Green Guide launched for Earth Week

The Central Caribbean Marine
Institute, in partnerships with Ogier, will launch the third edition of their
Green Guide in support of Earth Week.

The title of the guide is
Sustaining our Ocean and Islands and will be available from 17 April to support
Earth Week activities taking place across Cayman.

In the foreword of the publication,
CCMI Chairman Peter Hillenbrand sets the tone for the rest of the publication.

“[T]he question of sustainability
in the Cayman Islands and on the Earth is one of vital importance, and oh so
easy to sweep under the rug,” he wrote.

The guide takes global issues like
sustainability and the conservation of natural resources and breaks it down to
local issues and potential solutions, which can often be implemented by the individual.

Individuals really can make a
difference and time is increasingly of the essence.

Ogier has supported the Green Guide
publication for three consecutive years, having developed the initial purpose
of the Green Guide with CCMI. Carrie Manfrino, president of CCMI depicts the
commitment of Ogier and particularly their E-force (green team) as “forward
thinking and dynamic, giving important topics such as the environment
credibility. This focus on sustainability and the conservation of our beautiful
islands is refreshing and highly commendable”.

“Ogier is pleased to provide
continued support to the CCMI in its mission to protect and preserve Cayman’s
environment,” said Ogier Partner, Peter Cockhill.

“We are fortunate to live and
work in the Cayman Islands, where the accessibility of the ocean makes it a
vital part of our daily life. This guide will help everyone understand and appreciate
the threats we are facing and the ways in which we can all work towards
protecting our islands for future generations.”

This year the Green Guide has
received unprecedented support from local supermarkets, as the issues raised in
the Green Guide are close to the hearts of local retailers. All the major
supermarkets are moving to biodegradable plastic bags and encouraging the use
of sustainable shopping bags in the face of sustainability and pollution issues
throughout the Cayman Islands. Kirk Supermarket, Hurley’s and Foster’s Food
Fair IGA will all be stocking the Green Guide so look out for a copy.  For more information about the plastic bag
campaign and the Corporate Green Team Network visit