Auditor General’s contract not renewed

Cayman Islands Auditor General Dan
Duguay’s contract will not be renewed for another three-year term.

Mr. Duguay, who has held the
government watchdog post for the past six years, confirmed that another
individual had been hired to the post following an interview process that began
late last year.

“I was disappointed,’ Mr. Duguay
said Thursday. “Anybody that applies for a position and doesn’t get it is
always disappointed. I wish the new auditor general well.”

Precisely who the new auditor will
be is not known. A statement released by Governor Duncan Taylor Thursday did
not reveal a name.

Mr. Duguay said the appointee was a
male from overseas who was due to arrive sometime in July. 

Mr. Duguay’s last contract expired
on 6 February. He was given a three-month contract extension that essentially
allowed interested parties time to apply for the auditor general’s post.

Mr. Duguay said he would stay in
office only through 7 May. After that Deputy Auditor General Garnet Harrison
will assume the acting role until the new full-time auditor general

“I’m inclined to believe it’s not a
good idea to stay past 7 May,” Mr. Duguay said. “I need to move on.” 

The out-going auditor expressed
concern that his work in the past six years was apparently not considered in
the hiring process.

“According to the Governor’s press
release, the only consideration was the interview itself.”

Mr. Taylor said in his statement
that a total of 58 applications were received for the position; two of the
applicants were Caymanian.

That list was whittled down to four
candidates, including Mr. Duguay, who participated in final interviews.

The interview committee included
the Governor, Pastor Winston Rose and Ernst and Young partner Dan Scott.

The position pays between $127,296
and $147,648.

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  1. As usual the Premier gets his way, this is not a surprise as Mr.Duguay is man among men in my opinion, striking me as very honest individual,it sames the Premier always gets his wishes. Mr. Duguay was not someone who would not be quiet or that could be put in someone’s backpocket in my opinion, for this reason he simply “had to go” in order to keep the Caymananians in the dark and get another puppet for whom one can pull the strings. Very sad for this country!!!

  2. Mr. Duguay’s replacement strikes a nail into the heart of good-governance, transparency and accountability in the Cayman Islands.

    This move rewards ineptitude and corruption, to the detriment of Caymanians and all people that call the Islands home.

    Following this process, it is fanciful to expect the incoming Attorney General will be able to discharge his duties without fear or favour, as Mr. Duguay has done, to his ultimate demise.

    “Whose bread I eat, his song I sing,” will ring loudly in the new AG’s ears. But that, of course, was the whole point of this process.

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