Cruise berth deal signed

The government, the Port Authority
and the Dart Enterprises Construction Company have signed a memorandum of understanding
to move ahead with the planning and construction of a cruise berth dock in
George Town.

Premier McKeeva Bush said the dock
was slated to cost $150 million and to be completed by October 2012.

Mr. Bush, along with chairman of
the Port Authority Stefan Baraud, chief executive officer of DECCO Cameron
Graham, and member of the Legislative Assembly and tourism councillor Cline
Glidden, signed the agreement at a press conference on Thursday morning.

Ownership of the port will be
retained by the Port Authority.

“While the cruise berthing project
will be developed by DECCO and paid for by fees charged to the cruise lines
that use the facility, the government and Port Authority are committed to
protecting the existing revenue flows to the Port Authority,” Mr. Bush said.

“Consequently, measures are in
place to ensure that the Port Authority will retain full effective ownership
and control of the port’s lands, piers and operations,” he added.

The premier said the berthing
facility was a vital component in keeping Cayman’s tourism industry alive and

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  1. Amazing! No environmental impact study? Just like government to plan for the short term and not see the long term impact. If the cruise ship dock impacts the currents and subsequently the reefs and Seven Mile Beach, you can write this little bit of paradise off the map. Without that, you have nothing. It amazes me that more Caymanians are not protesting.

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