Letters to the Editor: Time to stop the violence

Please allow me space in your
newspaper to write my thoughts on some ways that I believe we can help to stop
crime in our Islands.

My grandson, Jeremiah Barnes, was
murdered by a cold-blooded killer. He belonged to his mother and father, but he
also belonged to me.

Jeremiah spent four years with us
and I am so happy to have had that time to share with him. He was a blessing
and a messenger from God. We need to take heed to his passing. His death must
not be in vain.  It is a wakeup call to
us, to show us how far our Islands have gone and the type of mentality that
many of our youths have.

Most of these ‘cowboys’ are high
school dropouts and these are the ones that are being recruited to join the
gangs. I do not believe that these gangsters are fighting over drugs or guns as
many people want to believe.

I believe that it is an ego and
power trip that they have embarked on. You know if they killed themselves in
places where ‘innocent’ persons will not get hurt, I do not think we would mind
it as much as when Jeremiah was shot and killed by a deranged human being. He
must never be able to walk the streets again and also the driver of the vehicle
is just as guilty and must also never, never be allowed to walk amongst us.

Jeremiah’s brutal murder not only
made the headlines, but it also made history. This shows us what type of people
we have living amongst us. They must be weeded out at all cost. These types of
people are a menace to our Islands and their actions affect us all. Are we going
to let these people live amongst us? No and we must take action now!

Immediately after Jeremiah’s
passing, police immediately took to the streets to remove tint from vehicles.
It is a very good thing to do. We do not need dark windows.

Do we have something or someone to
hide? I advised the Cayman Islands Government about the dangers of tinted glass
many years ago. I also mentioned that our police vehicles should not be tinted.
I would like to know why they have not removed the tint from those vehicles that
have it.

We have to take all steps necessary
to make these Islands safe like before. Now we cannot go to the shop, to the
bank, walk on the streets; we must not let a few mentally handicapped, deranged
individuals take over our Islands.

They are challenging everyone,
including the police, which in most cases have not been successful in solving
the incidents. Their goal, in my opinion, is to take control of our Islands. We
have to live and work here and many of us have children. We do not want to grow
and live like this.

There are many steps that we can
take as a community that will help us to stamp out crime. Following are a few
of my ideas:

Remove tint from all vehicles and
stop important vehicles with tint.

The hoods on jackets need to be
banned. I know we have raincoats too, but we can make a difference by dealing
with the jackets.

Masks and Halloween masks are also
not safe. I know that masks can be made.

Music that promotes killing; the
music that we are exposed to is a big influence to the youths, high school
dropouts and juvenile delinquents. I know that we have been exposed to killing
from cartoons to adult movies and that we have the Internet and cable TV, but
whatever the authorities can do to make it unavailable would be in the best
interest of the Cayman Islands. Let us take steps now to make Cayman a safer

Curfews are also another step we
can take. We have to do whatever is necessary to stamp out crime. We do not
need the headlines we’ve been getting the past year.

Metal detectors need to be placed
on known gangsters on the streets and in the prisons. There must be a deterrent
to these individuals’ actions.

Last, but not least in my thoughts
at the moment, capital punishment must be legalised. This will also help and
all murderers should be sent to hard core prisons overseas. This way we will be
at less risk and also they will not be able to get as many visits from friends
and family. If they can take a life, they should be denied a life.

We must harden our hearts and have
no pity for these individuals as they do not have any for us. Therefore, we
have to do whatever we can to keep these Islands and not have to ‘take them

I love and miss my grandson
Jeremiah and all those involved in his death must be punished.

Dora Ebanks