Today’s Editorial for April 15: Nasty beaches are everybody’s business

We can’t lean on government to do
everything and we certainly shouldn’t expect government hired workers to clean
up private property.

The fact that Cemetery Beach is a
mess in Bodden Town is a disgrace to that community, not to the government.

The 20 or so people who work for
Cayman’s Recreation, Parks and Cemeteries Unit are responsible for the cleaning
of all public beaches, cemeteries, public parks, some of the public beach
access trails, and George Town’s Central Business District.

The problem with the trashy
Cemetery Beach in Bodden Town is that the trash is on a private section of the

At first blush one would think that
the owner of the property would keep the beach clean, but in many cases the
owners of these pieces of property do not live in the Cayman Islands on a full
time basis.

That means that the cleanup of
beaches falls directly on the shoulders of the people who make up the

The same is true of beaches
throughout the Cayman Islands. Just because tourists don’t frequent them
doesn’t mean that they should be litter free.

Moms and dads can teach their
children about giving of self by trekking to the nearest beach with trash bags
in hand and picking up litter.

It would also be a way to get kids
away from the computer, electronic game or television and put them outside
where they can be active. As reported in the 9 April edition of the Caymanian
Compass, our kids are the most inactive in the world. That’s embarrassing and
it’s not healthy for our future.

To say that the cleanup of beaches
in the Cayman Islands is nobody’s problem is a misnomer. It’s everybody’s

While we appreciate all of the good
people who will turn out for Earth Day and Earth Week events in helping clean
up our environment, we maintain that keeping our Islands clean should be a
daily activity; not one just regulated to a special time of the year.

If you see trash, pick it up and
dispose of it properly.