Meet Jaimie Smith

Aspiring champion

 Jaimie.Kae Smith            

7 yrs 2mths

How long have you been playing

2 years

How did you get into squash?

My mom plays and she took me with
her and put me to sit down but I wanted to play too.

Other sports that you play?

Swimming and will start baseball

Is there a player that you’re
looking forward to playing? 

Not really

If you got to play against the
world No. 1 Nicol David, do you think you could get a point?


Any upcoming tournaments that
you’re hoping to play in? 

To be the best in Cayman and win in

What’s your favourite shot? 

None, I just like to play

What are you looking forward to
about the Cayman Open?

To learn to play better

Jaimie Smith

Junior’s Squash player Jaimie Smith