Camaro’s power

The first of a seven-series drag
racing event sponsored by Automotive Art had a great start on Saturday April
10. The race featured eight cars, two of which were five-second stars Dante
“Ross” Hydes on his Honda bike and Sammy Jackson in his Chevy Camaro boasting
over 1000hp.

Each racer made two qualifying
passes and then they were placed into their respective groups following the new
‘Quick 8’ format.  This new format allows
for ‘Run What You Brung’ racing and after everyone is qualified, they are
placed together with a group of their closest competitors defined by time.

During the race competitors could only
go 0.2 seconds faster than their qualifying time. Even with the low number of
competitors the new format worked well and it promises to add to the excitement
of close racing at Breakers.

In the low 8s section Jason Henry
in his SER placed first, beating the new fastest female driver Manuela
Cornelssen in the GMC Denali truck. In the upper 6-second class, Cliff Weeks in
his Yellow Evolution III beat Kenrick Baker in his Lancer GSR and both posted
faster times as the night progressed.

In the sub five-second class Hydes
squared off against Jackson.
Due to safety rules the winner was determined by a total time that added reaction
time to Elapsed Time. Ross posted a mark in the low 6s that normally would not
be enough to best Sammy who had been running 5.8s earlier in the night.

However, as is always the case in
racing, things can and do happen. On Sammy’s run the car got a little
squirrelly at half track and he had to get out of the throttle, handing Ross
the win. After the race Ross showed true sportsmanship by asking for Sammy to
get another clean run. However the run was upheld by all parties and Ross took
home the prize money.

Racer Keith Tibbetts, impressed
with the races, said: “The track was prepped great and I had lots of fun.” Spectators
also enjoyed the races cheering on their favourite cars and bikes.

The Cayman Motorsports Association
thanked the volunteers, participants, sponsors and track owner Robert Campbell.

For more information or to join
the association, email [email protected]