CIBC hold First Caribbean in check

CIBC played
an exceptional game against First Caribbean in recent T-Ball action. Romeo Thomas
and Jagger Linford started the game well for CIBC with some big hitting while
Jahron Barnes hit a long ball between first and second base.

CIBC pitcher
Johann Carter caught and threw well to first baseman Raina Myles and Katrina
Williams fielded well and Manuel Regidor played well in the outfield. Pitcher Oliver
Johns made some great stops and threw well also.

Archuleta gave an enthusiastic performance at first base for First Caribbean and
Andrew Hastings showed a lot of improvement in his fielding and throwing. The
whole First Caribbean team managed to get on base with Nathan Balon hitting a
grand slam and Justin Hastings hitting two home runs.

KPMG played
a very enjoyable and entertaining T-Ball game against Maples. First inning
KPMG highlights included Bradford Green (with his left arm still in a cast)
bringing two players home with his single and home runs by Kameron Bennett and
Sam Harding as last batter. 

Solomon showed great enthusiasm in the infield and Kameron’s stop of the last
batter’s big hit saw him running the ball into the tee, keeping the runner to a
single. Sisters Sofia and Isabela Watler were the standout batters for the
second inning for KPMG.

Sofia collected her biggest hit of the season while
Isabela hit a great home run. Lawton Green chased down a big outfield hit and
threw the ball in to Cassidy Amesbury, who then ran the ball to home plate to beat
the runner home and made for an exciting play in the final inning. Game
ball went to Lawton Green for consistently good fielding and first base plays.

Dart took on
KM Ltd. in another T-Ball game and both teams came ready to play. Dart batted
first and showcased some good hitting that saw the ball travel to all parts of
the field. Then the Dart Bombers came to bat and they got monster home runs
from Jayden Pouchie and Angelo Forbes in both innings.

Defensively Dart
played very well with Dejean Chisholm throwing his body at the ball. He ended
up turning in a fantastic inning-ending play. Most t-ball games see players hit
off a tee though sometimes coaches use a pitching machine.