Students take on BT Cemetery Beach

Trash-strewn beaches are “nobody’s
problem” the Caymanian Compass reported last Wednesday.

That was according to Cayman’s
Recreation Parks and Cemeteries unit General manager John Jackson who said that
even though Bodden Town Cemetery Beach was a mess, technically it was no one’s
responsibility to clean it up.

After seeing that headline in the Compass,
pupils at the Alternative Education Centre decided they were going to take action
and make the problem their responsibility.

On a wild and blustery Thursday morning,
the Transition Senior class of the Alternative Education Centre took to the
beach armed with rakes and lots of black refuse bags.

Deputy Principle Evelyn Rockett
said, “We saw the headline on Wednesday and we decided we had to do something.
It served a dual purpose for the pupils. It would serve as a contribution to Earth
Month and also the children have to do 10 hours of community service to
graduate, so it was cleaning up the beach and also adding to their community
service hours.”

The pupils had already collected
three large bags of rubbish by 10.30am. Pupils Janelle Foster and Joana Swaby
said that they had picked up a wide variety of objects strewn along the beach.

They found bottles, buckets and
loads of plastic, flowers, shoes, toothbrushes, toothpaste, slippers and lots
of bits of fishing nets.

They reckoned some of the objects
had just been dumped whereas others would have been brought in by the sea.

The girls said they were
particularly concerned about the bottles as children using the beach could
easily cut themselves.

By about 11am the sky was getting
extremely overcast, sand was whipping up and it was getting more difficult to
control ballooning black refuse bags in the wind.

It was time to call a rain check,
but Ms Rockett and the pupils said they would be back at their task as soon as
the rain cleared.

Local story

Pupils had already collected three bags of rubbish varying from fishing nets to toothbrushes.
Photo: Jan Byrne


  1. Hooray and Good Work to all those who volunteered and participated in this effort!!

    As a frequent visitor to GCM and the public beaches on the island; it is nice to see the youth of Cayman in the Compass for good!!!


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