Letters to the Editor: Bodden Town’s left out

From the place that started it all
in this wonder Islands, Bodden Town people were the ones that put this Island
on the road to progress.

But from the day that the capital
was changed from Bodden Town to George Town, well let us all really face it.
Bodden Town has been somewhat a forgotten town in just about every way.

From 1953 when I was born to this
very day, we have not moved ahead very much; not at all in many areas.

There is so much that is missing
from central Bodden Town that I don’t know where to begin. The people seem to
have been forgotten. Government after government speaks about government, so
very little has been put in place by the governments that would bring the so
many needed jobs and services to central Bodden Town.

Billions of dollars pass through
our Island, but only pennies come to Bodden Town. Very little real investment
is made in Bodden Town; only the raping of Bodden Town’s natural materials year
after year is dug out and trucked out of the town to George Town and West Bay.

Our children are complaining. Our
people are in a sad state. There are no jobs in Bodden Town and no one in
government comes to the people and reassures them of something good that they
have coming to Bodden Town.

There is no forward movement for
Bodden Town, but if anyone in government tries to bring something good for
Bodden Town, it is voted down by others in position in government.

We are sick and tired of being left
out. We receive no respect. I would like to praise Mr. Kirk Tibbetts and
Charles Clifford for their efforts while they were in charge of this country.
At least they tried to bring some good things to Bodden Town and many other
places in the East. But if you really notice, never has the UDP Government
brought anything to the eastern part of Grand Cayman; only talk and talk is

I ask all in Bodden Town to mark
your letters of complaint to the present government and to anyone that can
bring progress to our town.

Where has all the money gone that
was supposed to come to Bodden Town’s people; our share of the pie?

Recently I went to Cuba as a
tourist and the most interesting part of Cuba that brings in more money than
any other part of Cuba was their old first capital, Old Havana.

Why are we left out of the
mainstream of tourism coming to Cayman? Not only do we have the best and first
capital with rich history, but we also have the best snorkelling; and as you
should know by now, the most crime free part of Cayman.

My people are a humble people and
are still friendly, deep rooted in some of the old ways. But I see now lately a
lot of sadness on their faces. The unity that once kept respect, honour and
trust has been broken between the different families and even inside the
families. The people of Bodden Town have been left out too long and cannot be
left out any longer.

Special thanks to Charles Clifford
for the effort he made to bring something to our town even though he started it
too late. And to those that stopped the east progress, praying will not help
you all. Instead, have a national meeting at the play field in Bodden Town and
change the course that the country is going and continue the progress in the
East. That will bring the long overdue funds needed in Bodden Town.

All we can hear about is crime.
Look at what is going on in the West and in central George Town. Can you
imagine if the whole East was to join in what would happen to Cayman? Let me
tell you that it would be a set back at the least; 40 years or more.

Let us all in government come
together with the people and work this out that is happening on Cayman and
leave no one out, nowhere on Cayman.

We adults need to also have a
meeting and listen to what the children Island wide have to say. I am asking
Government and all the people in Cayman to help set up and in some way be a
part of trade schools. Please put some in Bodden Town and in all other parts of
the Cayman Islands.

It will help stop the crime, for
the devil finds work for idle hands to do.

Also ask the seamen to help with
trade schools.

Special notice to the people, if
you want to help Bodden Town to be a very good town with progress and a happy
people and a good cash flow and many services, then get up off your butts and
let us get it going for our people. United we stand divided we fall.

Emile S. Levy