Plans made for LC water shortage

With water supply levels already
running a bit low ahead of the upcoming dry mid-year months, government
officials are developing contingency plans on the smallest of Cayman’s three Islands.

“We thought that before we got too
far into (the arid season), we thought we would be proactive,” Works Minister
Juliana O’Connor-Connolly said Friday.

Mrs. O’Connor-Connolly said there
are five or six water producers on Little Cayman, which include the Beach
Resort, Pirate’s Point, and Scott’s Development that have agreed to ship water
to residents in the drier months. Scott’s well typically provides free,
non-potable water that government ships for a $25 fee.

A water truck has been ordered to
Little Cayman for the sole purpose of transporting water to residents.

“In the medium term, the Water
Authority has been asked to look at a well and at the…production of a small
plant, 20,000 gallons,” she said. “It’s going to take about a year though to
put that plan in place.”

Previously, Mrs. O’Connor-Connolly
said water shipping has been handled on a sort of ad hoc basis on Little Cayman.

Cayman Brac also goes through its
drought periods, but the supply problem there is less acute because there is
already a water producing plant with a Water Authority truck to deliver the

“We want to ensure the Water Authority…encompasses
all three jurisdictions,” she said.

Neither Little
Cayman nor Cayman Brac has an extended piped water system.

Other issues addressed in a meeting
with Little Cayman residents Friday included:

*An update on chip-and-spray road
repairs. Little Cayman has some unpaved roads.

*Possible repairs to two docks
damaged in 2008’s Hurricane Paloma

*Enhancing street lights, also to
repair damage caused by Hurricane Paloma

*Safety and security concerns at
the Little Cayman