Squash Open Tournament wrap-up

 The 2010 Cayman Open Champions were
crowned on Saturday night, with an evening of wonderful squash.

Sponsors, players, spectators and volunteers
We have an enormous number of people to thank for helping us achieve our
tournament goals. There are too many people to single everyone out, but we hope
they understand their value and our appreciation for everything.

Glass Court
At this stage we have a couple of early offers from different companies for a
home for Cayman’s new glass court.

Junior Squash
More details will come soon from CINSA about the junior
programme and the $18K worth of equipment for Cayman’s youth.

Finals Details
Photos, stories and
match details are available at www.squashsite.co.uk/cayman/today.htm

Ministerial Challenge
Minister Mark Scotland and MLA Mr. Cline Glidden
had a wonderful game on Saturday night. There support of our event and
willingness to come out of squash retirement to encourage more juniors to play
was wonderful and very enjoyable. Technically the match was a draw as
substitutes were used at the end, but there was some great rallies and we’re
hoping for a rematch.

Storage for the Junior Court
We’re still trying to find storage for the junior court, which will be broken
down and packed up as small as we can get it.

2010 Caribbean Junior Championships
Our next big event is the Caribbean Junior Championships – hosted here in
Cayman. We will be trying to find sponsors and volunteers soon to help us make
this event a success.

2011 Cayman Open
The 2011 Cayman Open will be held from 4-9 April and we’re hoping to make the
event bigger and better.