CIAA: UK flights to resume

Airways will operate its Nassau/Cayman shuttle Wednesday signaling a resumption of
service following the closure of UK airspace on April 15, 2010, after Iceland’s
Eyjafjallajokull volcano erupted spewing a cloud of ash across Europe.

flight from London, Heathrow will bring in passengers bound for Nassau and
Cayman and return 189 passengers from both islands to London.

flights to London from Nassau and Cayman were cancelled since the closure of the
UK airspace grounded flights from all airlines.

Most of the
passengers have been re-booked either to travel directly from the islands to
London or via the U.S.A., while some have opted to stay longer.

BA has begun the process of rebuilding global operations and expects to run
flights to all longhaul destinations today from Heathrow and Gatwick.  Shorthaul
services resumed after 1:00 p.m., GMT, Wednesday.