Today’s Editorial for April 22: Be part of trash solution

It’s a shame that another Earth Day
is upon us and still nothing has been done about Mount Trashmore.

We use this day to implore our
lawmakers to stop talking about our nasty landfill and start doing something
about it. It’s been studied to death. Now is time for action.

Maybe it is because we don’t have
polluted air and nasty industries that not many people seem to be concerned
about our environment. But concerned they should be.

While formal recycling has never
been a part of the Caymanian culture, our forefathers did practice recycling by
reusing items.

We now have a culture of using
items and tossing them into the dustbin.

And the litter that is on Grand
Cayman is absolutely awful. We should all be ashamed.

Some photographs made their way to
the Caymanian Compass earlier this week of trash thrown out behind one of
Cayman’s newest businesses, Cayman Karting. We’re not blaming the business, but
we are blaming the people who go there to hang out and eat lunch and drink.
Please, pick up after yourselves.

There is a bright note in all the
filth; The Cayman Corporate Green Team Network has launched Cayman BECOME to address
environmental issues in the Cayman Islands.

Beginning today shoppers at the
major supermarkets on Grand Cayman will see cashiers wearing T-shirts promoting
good environmental practices and bringing to the public a change in the way we
will shop in the future.

BECOME wants to rid the country of
plastic shopping bags and is starting the effort with supermarkets, all of
which are on board; so much so that they have already introduced bio-degradable

Beginning in June those bags will
come with a price. The move is being made to encourage shoppers to take their
own reusable bags to the supermarkets and other retailers while shopping.

Plastic bags do nasty things to our
environment and we toss 12 million of them into our landfill each year. Not a
good track record, and that’s not counting the ones that end up in our sea
endangering marine animals.

Embrace the Earth today and every
day and do your part in keeping it clean.