Letters to the Editor: Find ways to help Adryan

I watched with chagrin, recently,
the news about young Adryan Powell’s plight and the sad thing about his
donation cans being stolen.

My anger is not really so much
against the thief or thieves who did this heartless thing. Why, simply that we
normally get hastily irate at acts such as this without even stopping to think
or investigate the whole of the matter, which would give us a much better
perspective, thus giving us more fairer conclusive powers on the issue. The
thief or thieves could have been desperately hungry for all we know and not so
much of a wicked heart.

Now, I trust no one will jump to
hasty conclusions here and get it twisted – I am in no way glorifying a thief
but we usually are so quick to say, crucify him without knowing all the facts.
Society needs to be mindful of the fact that it is irresponsible and equally
cruel for us to look at one side of the coin and not be mindful of the whole
then expect to get favourable results – we are all our brothers’ keeper.

We must be kind and compassionate
to each other. We cannot turn our faces from each other and expect to not have
adverse issues assailing us.  In any
case, whoever stole those cans, for whatever reason, did a horrible thing,
setting back much needed help for a desperate young man.

My consternation therefore, is
toward all of us as a society. How dare we let this young man languish away
when there is a possibility that he could walk again. His cans were languishing
on some shop counter for such a long time that they became fair game for the
nimble fingers to take. There are two sets of people who can help. There are
very rich people here who could write this young man a check to offset his
medical expenses without batting an eye. The other set is us, the poorer class
who if we come together in a concerted effort can meet this man’s needs without
us even feeling it individually.

I have an idea. Let an account be
set up at a prominent bank (the organisations that normally spearhead these
kinds of thing can do this). Then let a day be set aside as Adryan Powell’s
Help Day and encourage all and sundry to go to this bank and deposit whatever
we can, even a dollar and I guarantee that if half of the populace answer this
cry, before the sun sets money enough will be there to get this young man the
help that he so desperately needs.

Even the rich can cash in on this
move, so they would be spared the pain of having to shell out too much money
all on their own.

Before anyone starts to criticise
and deride me on this, think first; if you or your child were in this same
situation, God forbid, would you encourage us to ignore your cry for help? I
think not, hence the Bible encourages us to love our neighbours as we love ourselves
and goes on further to say, whatever you would that men should do unto you, do
the same to them. If we look at it from this, Christ’s perspective, it will not
be too much pain for us to open up our hearts of compassion.

Those who stole this money can make
up for their selfishness by depositing something to this account too. Adryan
would be grateful, I am sure.

Gregory Watt