Letters to the Editor: Cut out the dead weight

I am a civil servant for the past
12 years and currently earning $2,894 per month.

Here is the rationale for not
cutting my salary.

My monthly bills are $2,536 (wanted
to do the breakdown, but it would be too costly).

Now do you math and imagine how
difficult it would be for me (and others like me) if my salary is cut, say even
by 5 per cent. Oh yes, we could get help from Social Services.

The only most capable employees?
Where are they? These capable employees are paid high salaries because of the
degrees they hold, not because of their capability. The majority of these
employees are hardly ever on the job, but still collect full pay and because of
their high salaries they are able to have their own businesses and this is
where their priorities are.

They are aware (and keep getting
away with it) that they do not have to perform in their duties because they
will still collect their fat pay cheques.

Many heads of departments need to
be evaluated as well, because they allow this to go on. Yes, make the dead
weight employees redundant because there is sure an abundance of them in the
various departments.

So yes, if salaries need to be cut,
it should be from the higher paid civil servants who have other jobs and

C. Bush