Today’s Editorial for April 21: Roll up sleeves for blood bank

The terrible pedestrian accident
that left a woman in critical condition on Monday night brought home the plight
that is always with us at the Cayman Islands Blood Bank.

The bank is in constant need of

There are a faithful few, but it’s
never enough.

As of Monday night the blood bank
was in desperate need of O negative and A positive – two very common blood

The accident Monday left the bank’s
shelves depleted.

The Cayman Islands Blood Bank is
always open and ready for business.

Giving blood is easy and the reward
is that you’ll feel better about yourself when it’s done.

By giving blood you may be saving
the life of a stranger, or, in our small community, the life of someone you

Why give blood?

You’ll get free juice and you’ll
weigh less – one pint less than when you arrived.

Blood is something most of us can
spare, yet there never seems to be enough to go around.

It’s the right thing to do.

And you don’t have to wait until a
special month to give blood. Blood can be taken from you every 56 days.

Don’t let the thought of AIDS worry
you if you’ve never donated blood before. It is not possible to get AIDS by
donating blood in the Cayman Islands. A new needle is used for each donor and
discarded afterwards.

 No one is too old to give blood and if you’ve
recently had the flu or some other illness, check with your doctor to see if
you can be a blood donor.

If you’ve got a rare or special
type of blood, then all the more reason for you to roll up your sleeve and
give. Rare or special blood is almost always in short supply throughout the

Giving blood is painless and takes
a few minutes out your busy day.

It is time well spent, though, and
it could be your donation that determines whether someone in need of blood
lives or dies.