Deloitte supports Haitian relief organisation

More than three months after an
earthquake devastated Haiti, the Caribbean island is still deep in crisis.

The 7.0 magnitude earthquake killed
more than 220-thousand people, injured hundreds of thousands and today more
than one million people are still homeless.

The employees at Deloitte Cayman
saw this as a call to action, the firm said in a press statement.

As part of a dress down day
initiative, employees reached into their pockets and with a match from the
firm, raised a total of US $20,000.

Deloitte made
contact with Soledad O’Brien, an anchor and special correspondent for CNN/US,
who has travelled twice to Haiti to report on the recovery efforts for guidance
on where the donation might be most effective.

Through Ms.
O’Brien, Deloitte learned of Planting Peace, one of Haiti’s largest relief

“I have long
been impressed by the work of Aaron Jackson and his organisation Planting
Peace,” said Ms. O’Brien.

“With a mission
of de-worming every child in Haiti, Aaron has made a tremendous commitment to
making a difference in the lives of Haiti’s most vulnerable citizens.

“He has also
opened an impressive orphanage with a Haitian director and despite challenges
post-earthquake, they remain undaunted. 

“Aaron Jackson
is doing even more now, as he increases his focus on working with Haitian
children infected with and affected by HIV. Aaron is an excellent example
of one individual making a huge positive change in the world,” she added.

Planting Peace
is a worldwide relief organisation dedicated to helping the poorest of the
poor. It specialises in rescuing orphans from the street and setting up clinics
in areas affected by disease and famine. The organisation relies solely on
private donations from firms such as Deloitte Cayman.

“The partners
and staff of Deloitte Cayman Islands were touched by the severity of the
earthquake in Haiti and especially its impact on its children,” said Managing
Partner Ian Wight.

“While we felt
compelled to help, we wanted to ensure our donation would reach the right
hands. That’s why we carefully selected our charity.

friends and contacts like Soledad who visited Haiti before and after the
earthquake, we learned of the good work Aaron Jackson and Planting Peace is
doing in Haiti and were happy to support this wonderful organisation,” Mr.
Wight added.

Deloitte at the
same time maintains that it remains committed to serving the Cayman community
as well.

In 2004, the
firm made a $250,000 donation to the National Recovery Fund. A Deloitte team
was also sent to assist in the clean-up efforts after Hurricane Paloma struck
Cayman Brac in 2008. More recently, the firm set aside a work day to reach out
to the community on its annual Impact Day, in November 2009, cleaning up
beaches in East End and West Bay, walking and bathing dogs at the Humane
Society and volunteering at the George Town library.

“Our commitment
to our clients extends to those communities where we live and work,” said Chief
Operating Officer Alee Fa’amoe. “We hope our efforts to help Planting Peace can
positively impact the children of Haiti.”