Letters to the Editor: Boost up track, field

I have some proud memories of
Carifta Games 2010, but by far the most enchanting and long lasting will be hearing
Jamaican voices roar and Jamaican flags soar, every time the name Cayman Islands
were called or screamed out by the commentators.

And so I cannot help reflecting on
how much the Caribbean may have lost in the dream of Federation; yet I must
admit that the Truman Bodden Sports Complex Grand Cayman during this Easter
holiday weekend was an oasis of Federated Caribbean voices.

In 1979, I attended as part of the
Cayman Islands delegation, the first Carifta Games we participated in and it
was 15 years ago since we first hosted the games. And I must say how far
Caribbean athletics including Cayman’s own have developed in these 15 years.

I suspect that these young athletics
have never before experienced so condensed and powerful a group of spectators
as they did this Easter weekend in Grand Cayman.

The Bahamian spectators were a
party unto themselves and how grateful I am to have been there with my family.
The Bahamians definitely sold me on the idea of being in the Bahamas during their
carnival season.

Sports, like art, bring out the
best in us and I must complement the Government and all the sponsors and organisers
because without these backstage players the athletes could not have shinned in
all their glory.

Thank you Ms Evelyn, who as I
recall was one of the first Caymanian athletics to participate in the Carifta
Games back in 1979; you did an excellent job Ms Evelyn Jockett.  And so did you Mr. Rayle Roberts and you Mr.
Delroy Murray.  

I look forward to the next time the
Games are held on Grand Cayman.

Only next time I want to see more
success for Cayman and this will only be possible if we begin to seriously
invest in the development of track and field.

Coach Kenrick Williams seems to be
the only full time coach for track and field. One only has to watch him one
evening coaching from my son Joshua’s age group upwards and downwards, to know
that although he is competent and his heart is in the right place he seriously
needs additional qualified personnel assisting him with these efforts.  Coach doesn’t worry, next time I won’t tell
them so nicely!

A cousin recently told his father
that not all the coaches in the world can help if young people do not commit
themselves to the regimentation, which goes along with positive development in
this or any other sport.

But I say let us begin to change
what we are in control of; I think we are at least in control of the public
purse, and a little financial investment in a coaching staff might be one
ingredient that helps us advance one step further toward the goal of jumping up
and down with the excitement of seeing a few more Caymanians win gold.