Taking charge in fattening world

There is a battle going, and not
only for people who want to lose weight. 
The battle is also for people who do not want to gain weight.

Such was my recent experience and
observation when taking a short vacation from Cayman and entering an almost 3-D
world of airports, hotels and the Las Vegas Strip.

Fat, fat, fat everything oozes with
fat or something that resembles fat. 
From the early morning breakfast sandwiches at airports to the
artery-clogging options on gigantic, colourful menus, fat is the name of the

It was really difficult to find
healthy things to eat except for the ever-present Caesar salad, which every
serious dieter knows is really not such a great choice.

Putting thoughts of calories and
fat-clogging aside, (after all, vacations are for splurging) the real icing on
the cake was the lack of taste and low quality of these gigantic portions of
food.  Yes, portions are gigantic, and
the waistband sizes of men, women and children alike are clear evidence of the
net result of this fact. 

The sad fact that the foods offered
little in terms of taste, nutrition and enjoyment says a lot about where folks
are in terms of why they are eating these foods and why they are eating so much
of it.  Is it simple eye hunger?  I see it, so I must eat it.  

With our fast food world of
designer coffees, elixirs of water promoting vitamins and health and
counter-productive fatty fast foods all lining up in the same display, choosing
wisely is difficult. 

And choosing healthy is expensive
with one banana costing about $1.70 in The Coffee Shoppe overseas.

Choosing healthy, however, is the
only way to go.  In the interest of
health, weight maintenance and aging, it is essential to really take a look at what
you are eating and take steps to find your way through the high-fat world we
now live in. 

Lifestyles offer guidance and
support to help you negotiate your way with weight loss and balanced
living.  Please email for programmes
available to help you and your family.

Donna Mitchell is a lifestyle consultant specialising
in weight management and self-help. She can be contacted on
[email protected].