Bad boy JT had to fall

John Terry has plummeted from hero
to zero almost as fast as the time it took for Chantelle Morrison to win the
100m for Cayman.

Until recently the Chelsea captain
was being hailed for his leadership skills on the pitch despite a colourful
life off it.

His inappropriate behaviour included
bar brawls, gambling away millions, drunken binges, giving unauthorised guided
tours around the Chelsea training camp for cash and sex scandals that would
make Tiger blush.

Terry was also exposed for trying
to sell his exclusive tickets for Wembley matches at an extortionate price.

So it was no surprise when JT, a
married father of twins, was relieved of his England captaincy for having an
affair with a former team-mate’s girlfriend.

The fact that the mate, Wayne
Bridge, was likely to be in the England squad for June’s World Cup and he
retired from the international fray to avoid playing with JT, did not help the
Chelsea captain’s already diminishing status sink even lower.

More reckless behaviour from Terry
last weekend. This time a red card for two fouls. That wrecked Chelsea’s
chances of earning at least a draw with Spurs and puts him out of the side to
play Stoke next and may have blown Chelsea’s chances of winning the Premiership.

Only a couple of years ago Terry
was an automatic choice for not only England but any fantasy side out there and
he was picking up accolades at every awards ceremony.

He may only be 29 but he looks
burnt out already. Injury, loss of form and persistent arrogant, hooligan
behaviour in his private life will end a once glittering career abruptly.

The fact that his father was
recently exposed for allegedly selling A-class drugs at the Chelsea training
camp and the multi-millionaire footballer’s mother was arrested for shoplifting
in two supermarkets such items as flip flops and pet food, speaks volumes of
the role models he learnt from in formative years.

Terry is also known for extreme
abuse to opposing team-mates, which in the gutter-like culture of football banter
goes beyond the pale.

He was once fined $100 for parking
in a disabled parking space having ignored a $2 an hour machine nearby. He also
tried – unsuccessfully – to sell branding on his England captain’s armband.

Odd spots of poor judgement? No
way. This idiocy stretches back a long way.

A few days after 9/11 when the
whole non-Islamic world was still in shock and grieving, Terry and three
team-mates were fined two weeks’ wages when they drunkenly mocked American
tourists at Heathrow airport.

The saying goes you can take the
man out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the man.

I’m a big Chelsea fan
but, surprise, surprise have never really admired a certain central defender.