Jamaicans called on to help end crime

The Police High Command is
seemingly calling for Jamaicans to look in the mirror, as the cries get louder
for immediate action to end the wanton bloodletting across the island.

Under increasing pressure from
civil society over the runaway crime figures, the acting police commissioner,
Owen Ellington, has released a list of measures already introduced by the
police in an effort to tame the crime monster.

However, Ellington also appealed to
Jamaicans for support at a time when 493 people were killed across the island
in the first 110 days of the year.

“In order for these policing
activities to work, and to ensure the safety and security of all Jamaicans, it
is important that citizens continue to support the police by sharing information
about criminal activities, even where those involved are related to them,”
Ellington said.

The acting commissioner also warned
that persons not involved in criminal activities could be targeted because of
crimes committed by family members.

“It is also true that those
involved often attract violence to family members and associates. A criminal
offender in the household is an immediate security threat to the entire
family,” said Ellington.

According to Ellington, the
measures introduced by the police include high-visibility-uniformed patrols and
presence in communities and commercial areas.

Ellington said the police had also
introduced covert patrols and presence to take advantage of the element of
surprise in apprehending criminals with evidence.

He said coordinated stop-and-search
activities; vehicle checkpoints and roadblock operations aimed at
disrupting the movement of criminals, while intercepting the movement of guns,
drugs and stolen commodities had also been introduced.