Bulletmen’s mid-week licks

The bulletmen will do battle in
another round of FAST self-defense instruction on Thursday.

Fast Adrenal Stress Training moves
to a midweek slot and many who can’t make it at the weekend are thankful of a
chance to learn the innovative style.

FAST Defence will be teaching a
seminar at Fitness Connection in George Town on Thursday 29 April from 5:30-8pm.

“We have been receiving requests to
host a seminar during the week at night,” instructor Bob Daigle said.

“Not everyone is available on a
Saturday morning. Our main goal with this course is to help you to avoid conflict.

“If you feel confident in yourself
you will have better control of your emotions when confronted by an angry

To book and for more
information, contact Bob Daigle: 925-6946 or [email protected] or Fitness
Connection at [email protected] or call: 949-8485