Mohamed is new skipper

The brilliance of cricketing all
rounder Saheed Mohamed has earned him the captaincy for a tour to Bermuda next

Mohamed takes over from Pearson
Best. It is a remarkable accession for Mohamed who used to have disciplinary

The team selected is for the first ICC
tournament, the Americas Championships in Bermuda from 26 May-9 June.

Cricket technical director Theo
Cuffy said: “We’re pleased to announce the appointment of Saheed Mohamed as
captain for the national senior team.

“Following an outstanding season in
2009 where he lead his team Prison to Division 1 honours and his continued
spotless leadership in the present Division 1 season, Saheed was given the responsibility
to lead the national team in the 2010 regional and international tournaments. The
association wishes him and the team great success.

“This is a transition period at the
senior level as stalwarts who have served the country extremely well have given
way to the younger players at national level.”