Today’s Editorial for April 29: Scrap metal a good first start

While the words in this column can
at times be construed to be critical of government actions, we have to give
credit where credit is due.

Grand Cayman is finally seeing tons
of trash in the form of scrap metal being bundled and taken off the Island.

It’s a first step in putting right
the problem that is the George Town landfill, better known as Mount Trashmore.

Throughout the month of April we
have written much about Earth Monday, Earth Week, recycling and the need for
this government administration to do something others have not had the
political will to do – take action against Mount Trashmore.

While the government isn’t making a
ton of money for its coffers – around $300,000 – it’s better than nothing and
it’s getting rid of an eyesore and potential health hazard.

It’s a good start and proves that
much can be done about the trash that has created the highest point on Grand

Now that Government has shown that
recycling is possible through the removal of the scrap metal, it is hoped that
a real recycling programme for other items can be finally implemented.

Government has also made a good
first step at ridding the landfill of plastic bags through the Department of
Environment and the Corporate Green Network.

All three major supermarkets have
brought in bio-degradable plastic shopping bags and in June will begin charging
customers 5-cents for each plastic bag they use to haul away their groceries.

The money will be used to offset
the price of the costlier bags, but more importantly it is a tool to encourage
shoppers to take reusable shopping bags with them when they go to market or
visit other retailers.

Getting rid of the scrap and
limiting the amount of plastic bags going into the landfill are only the first
baby steps we as a country need to take to ensure a cleaner environment for
generations to come.

Kudos to everyone who is taking
seriously the mission to protect our environment. It our responsibility to be
good stewards of our Islands and this planet.