Iz party the biz

Album launch party a multi-media event

Local band looking to make it big
internationally some day, ThE iZ held a South Beach-style album launch party,
which was the place to see and be seen last Saturday.

Staged on the terrace of the Grand
Cayman Beach Suites, the party was a multi-media event. Attendees were treated
to performances by RikRok, the talented trio themselves, as well as guest
appearances by the likes of home-grown supermodel Selita Ebanks and her
modelling chum Camille McDonald.

Filled with the young fashionable
set and the leading lights in the local entertainment industry, the terrace was
a sophisticated setting where giant video screens lit up the night sky.

Complimentary hors d’oeuvres and
bottles of Henessey, Kristal and vodka made for a lively evening, as friends
and soon-to-be friends caught up with each other, gossiped, networked and people-watched.

Iz is made up of local
singer/songwriters Jason Gilbert (JG), Lonnie Love (Lonney McField) and Cotterell
(Stephan Cotterell). The trio are playing for the big time and have a sound and
work ethic to match.

Attention to detail certainly helps
when you’re in the studio with the likes of Eminem and Mary J Blige and tHE Iz
having helped bring their idols greater kudos want to share a piece of that

Too busy to chat that evening,
being pulled this way and that by a small army of photographers from who knows
where, the artists were nevertheless in great form: bad boy musicians they ain’t.

Used to mixing and producing the
work of others as well as now their own music for the debut album The Beach
Club, they played a short set and clearly enjoyed the fact that their guests
were also having a good time.

The fashion and music world
collided with the staging of the One345 show during the launch party. The organised
by local clothing designer and One34 mogul Luigi Moxam, that showcasing his
current collection added to the party’s lush, upmarket feel.

Listening to ThE iZ singing a few
tracks of The Beach Club live, everyone sat up and took notice. Let’s, hope it
is not too long before the rest of the world follows.