Supermodel to students: Embrace opportunities

John Gray Year 12 students were
given a lesson in making good choices and embracing opportunities from Cayman’s
own Supermodel Selita Ebanks.

During the lunchtime session on Tuesday
in the school’s library, students listened attentively to what the girl who
grew up on Walkers Road and made it big had to say.

Selita’s message was down-to-earth
as she shared with the group how making positive choices and reaching for the
highest had gained her the opportunities to be where she is today.

Selita was comfortable with the
youngsters, even offering her e-mail address to students who wanted to keep in
contact with her, or needed her help in anyway.

Selita is also hosting an essay
contest for Year 12 students to tell her about themselves; how they have grown
and the things they want to accomplish.

At the end of the competition, five
finalists will be awarded a sit down lunch with Selita and a gift bag of makeup
and fun stuff. 

The three winners who she thinks
has worked hard and are focused on where they want to go in life will be given
a designer dresses and hair and makeup makeover to attend the school prom in

Some Year 10 students attending the
talk felt a bit left out of the excitement, but businessman Luigi Moxam,
assisting Selita, stepped in and saved the day by offering to compensate the
group if they also write an essay.

 “I want you all to know that just because you
are from a small island does not mean you can’t be successful,” said Selita.

“There are a lot of programmes,
organisations and resources out there to get involved in and don’t think you
are too young to start focusing on what you want to accomplish as an adult.”

Now is the time to focus on and
think what it is they want to accomplish, she said.

“This world is full of opportunities
and you young ladies can choose do whatever you want,” she added.

Selita also asked the students what
career paths they wanted to take in life.

One student wanted to study
journalism, Selita  responded by saying
that was good because when she was 17 that was also her choice and she interned
at Spin and Vibe Magazine.

“Maybe you can get a summer job at
the Caymanian Compass or look outside of the Cayman Island
and start learning from now so by the time you are ready for the workforce you
can have a great resume,” she said.

Another student said she wanted to
be a model. That brought an ahha from Selita as she highlighted the negative
and positive sides of being a supermodel.

“The modelling world it is very
hard to break into but if you are persistent, consistent and do your homework,
whatever it is you want to do you can accomplish,” she said.

“There are people who will want to
take advantage of you and steer you in the wrong direction;
steer clear from them, she said. “If you are educated, speak well and know how
to carry yourselves as ladies, no one can take advantage of you, especially in

Another student wanted to be an
accountant, “Don’t say you want to be; say you are going to. It is all about
staying in school getting into a great college, working hard and aspiring to be
the best,” said Selita.

“I want to be a motor technician,”
said another student. “I like that, a woman who is not afraid to take on a
man’s job,” responded Selita. “I am a person who will take on any job just to
say I tried.”

Selita further encouraged students
to expand their horizons, try new things, get an education, and do their
homework, because it would all come in handy one day.

She said she had worked hard to
become the best 2009 highest best paid black supermodel.

Selita said being successful also
gave her the opportunity to share her Caymanian culture with those she met.

“Treat people with the same respect
you wanted to be treated and respect each other, especially yourself.

 “Be a role model, encourage other young people
to step outside their boxes and mentor to each other.” She said all the back
stabbing, name calling and bulling was nonsense that needed to stop. “When you
leave school all of this will not matter,” she said.

Selita finished with telling the
students to expand themselves, be open, friendly, positive, focused and have
confidence in themselves.


Supermodel Selita in the company of business entrepreneur Lugi Moxam speaks with students at John Gray High School.
Photo: Jewel Levy