Today’s Editorial for May 05: Rallying volunteers

People throughout the Cayman
Islands are being urged to get up, get out and do something.

Miles McPherson, a former National
Football League player in the United States with the San Diego Chargers, has
come to the Cayman Islands with his Miles Ahead project to motivate people to
transform our communities.

He does it by partnering with
churches, businesses and community leaders to harness the power of volunteerism.

His mission is Christ-based, but
not all volunteers are Christian.

So far the Do Something World group
has spiffed up the George Town Hospital and the Frances Bodden Girls Home.

There are also plans to do other
community service projects at schools and in various districts.

On island with McPherson are about
90 young people from his San Diego church, The Rock.

They’ve integrated with people in
our communities to help us get a kick start into much needed community service.

It is hoped that once McPherson and
his crew return home to take up another Do Something World mission, they will
have left us – all of us – in the Cayman Islands with the impetus to continue
their work and constantly seek out and improve areas in our communities where
need is found.

The Caymanian Compass is proud to
be one of the sponsors of this very worthy cause.

On 14and 15 May all of
the volunteers will be treated to a Festival with Miles McPherson at the Black
Pearl skate and water park at Grand Harbour.

There will be professional athletes
performing, Motocross demos, BMX and skate demonstrations, concerts, play
areas, a Wii gaming tent, puppets, a food court, and an inspirational message
from Mr. McPherson each evening.

According to the Do Something World
website, volunteers and sponsors are still being sought for the two-day

To find out how you can help, log
on to [email protected]

The Do Something campaign has been
in the Cayman Islands since its kickoff in February. It will be here until the
end of May.

If you haven’t joined forces with
them yet, why wait? Get out and Do Something to help.