Letters to the Editor: All that glitters isn’t gold

We had a small round table meeting
in Bodden Town with a few VIP voters and civil servants and talked about a lot
of things that are going on here in Cayman and some that the present Government
wants to happen in the future, like the proposed hospital, the cruise ship
dock, the cargo dock, the sewerage system, Caymanians being killed, foreigners
being killed, Caymanians being left out of the workforce, security guards
involved in robberies, police being imported, the location of the hospital and
the cargo dock and the waste the hospital will add to our present dump and I
must not forget the amount of Caymanians that will get jobs in these new
projects, that are suppose to come to Cayman in the near future.

Well one of the main concerns that
we all had was Caymanians’ involvement in the new hospital building and
staffing it. The present government has not made the Cayman public hear anything
about what these things. As always a signed deal and then we must             accept what they put together, only
later to find out once again Caymanians will be left out in many areas.

One of the people that was at this
meeting said to all of us, well this is the style of the present government but
all that glitters is not gold; a very wise statement because we are not hearing
the Caymanian involvement plan. 

On another note, we want to make it
very clear that the Island did not have this level of robberies on Cayman until
all of these security companies opened up here. Why all of a sudden do we have so
many robberies where security guards are taking care of places where security
companies have installed the security systems in them?

We believe that many of the
security guards are also the robbers. That is why very little people are caught
that rob these places.

We are sick and tired of all the
mess that is going on here in our home Cayman. Now we have no money to help the
people but we can bring in Englishmen police, pay them this big salary, put
them up, pay their housing and give them nice cars to drive for them to do
what? They cannot really interact with my people. It takes a Caymanian to
really deal with a Caymanian. We do not need any more outsiders coming here to
pirate us. These police do not know our people.

 Running up and down here on Cayman collecting
this fat pay check while, we still have so many hungry people in need, I say to
my people  look at what is really
happening to us once again so much that is bad. Our people are kind, friendly
and God fearing, loving and peaceful.

Who and what is making the change?
Well the answer is quite clear – bad leadership, taking the Island and our
people in the wrong direction. I for one do remember the wise story told to me
by my Grandmother Nettie Levy. She said Egypt’s leaders asked Joseph for
advice, about a dream he had about the fat cows and the skinny cows. Joseph
said to the leader of Egypt there would be a famine and that he must plant and
save for all his people so that when the famine came, the people would not
suffer. Our so-called leaders need to read that story and stop trying to give
all that we have away to outsiders. The devil is a liar. God is the truth.

Emil S. Levy